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Spot Color Printing is the bread-and-butter of all screen printers. The majority of work that we do is relatively simple designs that use a specified ink color. These orders do not require our expertise as very high end screen printers, but they get that expertise anyway. We put the same energy into making a simple 1-color logo order look great as we put into a complex Process Color order. When you work with Boardwalk, you get our best effort – every time.

When your customer requests a basic design on t-shirts or sweatshirts you first need to determine if the design will be reproduced using spot colors. This is usually quite obvious. You can look at the design, count the number of distinct colors and determine it is a spot color design.

Typically a Spot Color design on White or Light Color garments will not require an underprint. For imprints on Colored garments, an underprint is usually required. Without an underprint, the colors will have a washed out appearance and will not be as vibrant as they should be. Usually, White ink is used for the underprint (but not always). For designs that also include a “Visible White”, a second White screen will be used – one for the underprint and one for the “Visible White.”

There are times when a design will have too many colors and will require the use of the printing technique known as Simulated Process Printing. We will be happy to consult with you on the needs of your design. Please contact our office for assistance.

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