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The Boardwalk Marketing Full Service Pricing Program is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to make their life easier and save money at the same time on the vast majority of your T-shirt purchases. Our system has many advantages that, to the best of our knowledge, no other nationally advertising screen printer in the country offers.  Boardwalk Marketing offers GUARANTEED PRICES FOR 30 DAY PERIODS on more than 50 of the most popular T-shirts that constitute more than 95% of what we print every day.  That means, no more checking the weekly sale price to see if your prices have changed from the price you quoted  last week.

  • We provide prices on a month-by-month basis.
  • You place one purchase order with Boardwalk.  We buy the blank goods, count in the blank goods, print the goods, and ship the goods to your designated address.
  • We provide pricing as a complete unit – the T-shirts + the printing.  That means you can buy T-shirts like you buy coffee mugs, and pens, and lapel pins, and key chains.
  • We bear the cost if there happen to be misprints or defective garments (discovered before printing).  We only bill you for the garments we ship.  When you work in a contract decorator situation, if up to 2% per print location are misprinted, YOU absorb the cost of those misprints or defects.
  • When we did our analysis of the pricing being offered week in and week out by all of the wholesalers in the industry, we determined that your costs at the end of the year will be lower by issuing one purchase order for shirts and printing through Boardwalk than if you spend your valuable hours searching for which wholesale distributor has the best price this week for the T-shirts you need for your client.
  • There is never any inbound shipping for any T-shirt that is part of our program.  Inbound freight is always FREE. 

Be sure to check out our check out our FREE or Reduced Cost OUTBOUND Shipping Program.  You will find we are also the only nationally advertised company we are aware of who offers the amazing kind of Outbound Shipping System we offer.

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