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Boardwalk has developed the Full Service Program and linked it with the Free or Reduced Cost Shipping program as a way to both save you time AND money.  Items available via Full Service are the most popular items and represent the lions share of screen printed apparel.  The pricing on Full Service items remains the same on a quarter by quarter basis giving you the confidence to quote customers a price that won’t change the following week when the the wholesaler special ends.  And, Boardwalk will do all the work for you – order the garments, decorate the garments and ship them.

And the shipping costs on Full Service orders will be reduced to as little as FREE, depending on the order details.

Free or Reduced Cost Shipping is only available on those items that are offered by Boardwalk as a Full Service item.  It is simple to check which items are available as a Full Service order – go to the Full Service tab in the Quote Magician and check the list.  More than 50 items are currently available.  And most all those items are eligible for Free or Reduced Cost Shipping.

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