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Your order is very important to you…and to us as well. Over the years we have developed systems and processes that insure that every order is completed on-time, to your specifications, with no errors. As a sales professional, you need to know that your decorator will produce your order to your specifications and have it in your customers hands when they want it. Boardwalk Marketing will handle your order properly, the first time, every time.

We treat you like you’re OUR Salesperson

Part of being a good contract decorator is understanding the relationship between us, the supplier, and you, the distributor. We place tremendous value on the the supplier-distributor relationship. So much so, in fact, that we treat distributors as if they were our own sales people – you’re not just a customer number to us. Without YOU, we have nothing to produce.

We count your garments when they arrive

We’re actually shocked when we hear stories of other contact decorators who fail to perform this simple service for their distributors. When your shipment arrives, we open the boxes and confirm that we have received the garments you ordered.

Anticipate Problems

Problems occur. We all wish it weren’t so, but they do. It could be that the ink color combination your customer picked really won’t look good. Or the font in their logo won’t embroider properly. We have a great deal of experience at decorating garments. We go out of our way to anticipate potential problems BEFORE they occur.

We ship your order ON TIME!

“Ship my order On Time!” It seems like such a simple request. And for us, it is. We take very seriously the ship date you request. If, when we receive your order, we feel we cannot meet your requested ship date, we will notify you immediately. Once we accept your order, we will move heaven and earth to meet that date.

Art Approvals are sent for EVERY order

We’ve actually had distributors complain that we are too detail oriented. Yeah, we were stunned too. We send an art approval form for every order we produce. It specifies the imprint location, the design size, the ink or thread colors to be used, etc. All the details needed to insure that your order is produced properly are included.

Low Spoilage Rates

Using a contract decorator affords a Promotional Products Distributor many advantages. One of the disadvantages, however, is the reality that, on occasion, a garment will be damaged during the decorating process. Boardwalk has a very low spoilage rate allowance (2% on imprinted t-shirts, for example). In reality, we have tracked our spoilage rate over the last five years on imprinted t-shirts and we have consistently achieved a rate closer to 0.25%. Nearly all orders are shipped with no spoilage at all. Most spoiled garments are the result of manufacturing defects, not misprints.

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