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“My customers probably won’t be interested in having something that looks like Masking Tape and a Piece of Paper on the front of their shirt.”

“I’m not selling shirts to a baseball team, so why would I show them that Shredding Baseball sample?”

This special effects stuff is going to be too expensive so I’m not going to even bother showing this to my customer.”

We’ve heard ’em all…the objections to even considering the possibility of showing the many and varied Special Effects Decorating Techniques to clients.  All we can say – politely – is you’re missing the point altogether.  The reason to show clients is to receive both a direct and indirect benefit.  First of all, most clients are either blown away by what they see, or at the very least mildly impressed.  The direct benefit is obvious – you’ve shown them something they haven’t seen before.  If they have a project that might benefit from one of the techniques shown then you can move forward in the selling process, having set aside one of the hurdles to winning an order.  This is of course a direct benefit of using the Fabric Square Sample Set and showing the special effects squares.

Far more important is the indirect, long term benefit that comes from showing these effects. And that benefit is that you are now memorable.  The client will tuck away what they’ve seen.  And it may influence a future project.  It may inspire them to devise a project around something they saw – something you showed them.

And the most important indirect benefit is that you have set yourself apart from every other salesperson who tries to sell them decorated apparel.  If the competition cannot show samples that are as impressive as what you’ve shown them, the client will immediately judge them and what they have to offer as inferior to what you can provide.  And you win – every time!  This is the concept of Benchmarking.

Special Effects techniques are amazing when utilized effectively.  Making a design related to water glisten in the light by using a simple Clear Gel technique, or a raised imprint using high density ink to make a design pop, or by using raised basketball “Nubbies” to give the impression of the texture of an actual ball – these effects are special indeed.

The key to utilizing special effects decorating techniques effectively is to understand their limitations.  We know it can be intimidating.  That’s why we recommend involving us in the process as early as possible.  Allow us to help guide you in what can and cannot be accomplished with special effects.  We are more than happy to consult with you, your artist or even with your client if you believe that will help.  To be most effective we must “engineer” the art to allow for the special considerations necessary when printing these effects.  Extra flash cures are sometimes needed.  Limited colors available are a possibility.  Please involve us as early as possible and we’ll help you impress your client and eliminate the competition.

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