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You’ve heard it said before – nothing in life is ever free.  The same goes for shipping.  When you order garments from a wholesaler who offers free shipping – the reality is, the cost to ship the order is built in to the cost of the shirt.

However, with Boardwalk, we do not pass along the cost of shipping to you.  The cost to ship garments from our factory to you or to your customer is paid for by Boardwalk.  Our contract decorating price tables have remained mostly unchanged for nearly 20 years.  We have not increased our decorating costs to cover shipping.  What we HAVE done is we decided to give up a portion of our income to cover shipping costs – all to help you.

Here is how it works.

For a small order with a simple 1-color imprint, there isn’t a lot of our income that we can give up to cover shipping costs.  However, for an order with a 4-color or 6-color or 8-color imprint, or better yet, for an order with multi-color imprints on multiple locations, there is a great deal more income that we can give up to help offset your shipping costs.  In other words, the orders that are more profitable for you have the double bonus of being eligible for Free or Reduced Cost Shipping.

Free or Reduced Cost Shipping is only available on Full Service orders.

Use the Shipping Calculator which is available on the Main Menu or select one of our Full Service items that is available for Free or Reduced Cost Shipping to calculate your actual shipping costs.

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