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Top Buyers of Decorated Apparel

This list has been compiled over many years and shows those “Categories of Opportunity” or specific “Types of Apparel Buyers” who buy Decorated Apparel.  They are loosely organized into sets or groupings.  A substantial number of of these targets are “Traditional Decorated Apparel Buyers” which means their interest in traditional promotional products is likely limited.  These buyers must be approached with a different mindset.  You must think like an Apparel Decorator seeking their business, and not like a traditional PPD.


Ask 12 Questions

No matter what is sold in the Promotional Products world, everything is decorated with some sort of design.  It may be as simple as a logo or as involved as a full color design rendered in 4-color process.  Even the inexpensive pen carries a message.  The message is delivered via the image we put on the item.  Ask these 12 questions when assisting a client in creating a design for their decorated apparel.


Artwork Tips

Here are some tips you can share with your designer before an art file is created, or with your customer when requesting art files for their order.  We also include a list of the important information we need when evaluating a design for printability or submitting an order.  Review this information to help you and us when dealing with art files.


Checklist for Requesting a Quote

If you have a need to provide a quote to your customer, and you want to check with us first before providing the final price, there are some important bits of info that we must have before we can provide a final quote.  Review this list for a fast and efficient response.


Checklist for Processing a Decorated Apparel Order

Here on our website we have an entire section devoted to “How to Place an Order.”  Click here for more information. for more information.  There are several pages of in-depth information devoted to guiding you through the process of placing your order.  This is a basic checklist of information needed to process an order.

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