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Don’t you hate it when you “Buy” a piece of software and are restricted to one computer?  We do.  So we aren’t restrictive like that.  We’re reasonable.  If you want to put a copy on your desktop and on your laptop, go ahead.  If you want a copy on your home computer, go ahead.  You want to give a copy to your buddy – not cool…and not allowed.  When you downloaded the software you agreed to our software license which restricts you to installation on no more than 5 computers within your organization.  Any more than five installations will require an additional license.  The license also restricts you from redistributing the software, meaning it is available for your use only.  You may not give it to anyone else outside your organization or give them access.

We believe installation on five computers is sufficient for most every organization.  If you have questions regarding the usage license please give us a call.

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