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There really isn’t any catch.  Really!

  • First, our costs are not determined by any one wholesale distributor. We buy from several wholesalers, when necessary, in order to purchase T-shirts at the best prices.
  • We provide you with a “combined” price that includes the T-shirt plus the printing.
  • Can we guarantee the “absolute lowest pricing on every order, every style, every day?”  The answer to that question is “ABSOLUTELY NOT.  We have no control over how crazy any wholesale distributor may get during any given week to try to motivate you to buy blank goods from them.  If you discover a deal too good to pass up, then we wholeheartedly support your decision to buy the blank goods from them, send them to us, and we will print them as a “contract order” instead of a full service order.
  • Normally, the average distributor does not receive any kind of special, reduced pricing from any wholesale distributor unless your order is for 500 pieces or more.  You receive the best pricing we have EVERY SINGLE DAY – and guaranteed on a month-by-month basis.
  • If you were to determine our blank goods cost on any order, you may find that we are LESS EXPENSIVE than your normal go-to wholesaler.  Or, you may find we are 3 cents or 5 cents higher on a particular garment on a particular order if you spend all the time it may take to find the lowest possible price that particular week.  That is because we are guaranteeing our pricing by the quarter where the wholesale price you found is only available for one week. 
  • Keep in mind oversize shirts.  If you were to check our prices on XXL and 3XL you would normally find our prices on Oversize Garments are always lower than anything offered elsewhere.  The savings on XXL and 3XL will normally offset any slight cost difference on regular sizes.  And normally, we are lower anyway.
  • What about larger orders – like 500 or 1000 or 2500 or 5000 pieces or more?  We always recommend that you call us.  In most cases we will match whatever price you receive to make it possible for you to receive the rest of the benefits from our program.

The beauty of our Full Service program is that more and more distributors everyday are using our guaranteed pricing as the basis for the quotes they provide to their clients.  Because they are 100% positive that OUR price will not change like the wholesale distributors change their prices.  Then, if they discover some unbelievable deal on blank shirts, they check with us.  And if we cannot match it then they can still buy the shirts at the savings they receive, have the shirts printed by Boardwalk, and put the extra savings in their pocket.  There is no way to lose.

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