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There is a process called “Code Signing” where software developers go through a rather elaborate series of steps to register as a developer, and then even more steps which are needed to apply some encrypted bits of data/code to a software “package” that gives the computer that downloads the software the ability to determine whether or not the software was intercepted sometime after it was compiled or during the download process and whether or not malicious code was attached.

If that explanation sounds convoluted, confusing and complicated, it’s nothing compared to the actual Code Signing Process. We have tried on several occasions to figure out how to make this work and have failed every time. We even tried to accept the fact that we will have to pay someone to perform this service for us. Problem is, that isn’t how code signing works. We must do it ourselves. So once again, we abandoned the endeavor.

The reason this is complicated is not because we are incompetent. The reason is, we are using FileMaker to take a database that we created, turn it into an application, then we take that application and “package it” using one set of software tools for PC’s and another set for Macs. We then turn the resulting programs into installers that will work on both platforms. Doing all that was daunting but we worked through it. And then the code signing process came into the picture. To make code signing work we would have to abandon ALL of that previous work and start over. We decided to proceed without having our code signed.

If you have any concerns at all about downloading our software we suggest you DO NOT download. While we believe there is little to no risk, we do not want to cause you any concern.

As an aside, while installing a new laser printer we inserted the CD provided by Brother Corp. and up popped the exact same warning message regarding the Unknown Publisher issue.  Even a company as large as Brother Corp. has issues with Code Signing.

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