Boardwalk Marketing

Philosophy Behind the System

Whatever would possess a decorator like us to create software, you may ask?  Well, here’s a little insight.

The Math Used in the System

Quote Magician uses the industry standard method of computing pricing – the profit MARGIN method.

Filemaker Runtime Application – We Are NOT Programmers

The Quote Magician was created using Filemaker, an easy to use database application that allows non-programmers to do some pretty cool things.

The Software is FREE!

Our software is provided free of charge to our users.  Use it every day to price all of your sportswear orders.

There is Also a Paid Version

For those distributors that are also decorators, we have a version of the software that you can use with YOUR decorating tables.

Save a Copy

A little housekeeping after installation will help in the event that something weird happens.  Make a backup and save yourself a possible headache later.

Quote Magician and Boardwalk Tools

Quote Magician and Boardwalk Tools…what’s the relationship between the two?  Here’s a quick explanation.

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