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High Density, Glitters, Gels, Metallics, Imitation Leather, Blister, Basketball Nubbies, Masking Tape, Baseball Leather, No-Hand Chinos and Glow-in-the-Dark, Puff…WOW!

Special Effects printing techniques are impressive. When used effectively, they can take an ordinary design and make it extraordinary. Lettering will stand out – and off the shirt – when you use a High Density or a Blister lettering effect. Use Basketball Nubbies to give the tactile feel of the bumps on a basketball. Or use the popular Masking Tape technique and watch as your customers try to peel the “tape” off their shirt.

Showing your customers special effects decorating techniques has two main benefits. One is the WOW factor. Another is to separate yourself from your competition. Very few printers can produce these highly technical designs. That means you just eliminated your competition from the game.

The WOW! Factor

Special Effects Decorating Techniques aren’t really appropriate for every customer. In fact, some of these techniques are so “special” they should be applied only to designs that are created specifically for a technique. However, many designs can be adapted to utilize certain techniques that will take an ordinary design and make it extraordinary. The simplest example of this is to utilize a High Density ink to make a design element or lettering “stand off” the shirt. We will be happy to consult with you on the possible use of our special effects techniques for your customer.

So you might ask, why would I even bother showing these techniques at all if few people can utilize them. It all comes down to the WOW! By using our sample sets and showing them to your clients, you employ a sales process called Benchmarking. The process is relatively simple. When meeting with your client, show him the dozens of samples in our Sample Set. Explain that these techniques make ordinary designs extraordinary. Explain that very few printers in the country have mastered these techniques. Typically, only those printers who do work for high end retailers like Aeropostale and Abercrombie and Fitch employ these techniques on a regular basis. But now we can bring this high end decoarting to you.

By taking this apporach, you establish in the mind of your client that by working with you, they are working with someone who can provide them with printing that is incredibly complex and sophisticated. Even if they only want their logo on a shirt – a simple 1-color design – by showing them you offer 4-color Process or Simulated Process, or any of our Special Effects Techniques, you solidify yourself as THE place to buy quality decorated apparel. They will want to work with you, because they see you as the best there is. You are now the Benchmark by which all other printers and Promotional Products Distributors are judged.

You establish in the mind of the customer that you are the Best!

Eliminate the Competition

In combination with the WOW! Factor is the ability of Special Effects Techniques to Eliminate the Competetion. If you show your customer a technique and they like it and want to use it, it is very unlikely that they will even consider calling a competitor to see if they can get the same thing done by someone else.

Even if your customer does call a competitor, it is highly unlikely that they will have the ability to produce the same Special Effect. Keep in mind, many of the techniques we show are unique to our company. We’ve “entered the laboratory” and have created custom formulas known only to us. It will be almost impossible for your competitor to copy one of our custom techniques. They would need to spend the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars we spent in creating these techniques. It simply isn’t going to happen.

And the very best part is the reality that, once your customer decides they want a special effect technique for their order, price is no longer an issue. Your price may be a little higher, but will normally be accepted willingly because of the impact the printing helps achieve. Extraordinary means something to most clients.

Boardwalk will help you Eliminate the Competition.

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