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Filemaker database runtime applications are usually pretty stable.  That is until something weird happens – a power outage, a full moon, the Browns win the Super Bowl – and then you have problems.  We don’t like problems any more than you do.  Here is a tip that will save you some headaches – make a backup of the program.  Here’s how.

First install the program, enter your product key, make sure it is running as it is supposed to.  Next, do the following:

Make sure the program is closed – don’t ever make a copy of an open application.

Locate the program:

• On Macs it is a single file in the Applications folder called QuoteMagician

• On PC’s it is a folder on your desktop called QuoteMagician

Make a copy of the file or folder noted above.  When the copy is made save it someplace safe.  Then, if you ever have a problem you can trash the old copy, move the new copy into place and keep going like nothing happened.

And if you forget to make a backup copy, and you encounter a problem, all you need to do is reinstall the application and enter your product key once again.  It’s a hassle and isn’t a lot of fun, so be sure to backup your program.

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