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Back in the 80’s and early 90’s it was typical for a Promotional Products Distributor to buy both the garment AND decorating services from the same supplier.  Just like mugs and pens and key chains, the item was purchased complete.  Typically a screen printing shop would offer their services to Distributors and handle all aspects of the order.  Then in the early 90’s garment wholesalers began an effort to sell blank goods to, well, everyone.  What sprung from that reality was the rise of Contract Decorators – shops who sold their decorating services to Distributors.

With the change came definite positives for the PPD –  especially if shirts were bought in large volume.  PPD’s could save some money.  But then again, PPD’s also took on the burden of purchasing the goods.  And when the goods were shipped incorrectly PPD’s have the burden to fix the error.  And if goods are received damaged the loss is born by the PPD, not the printer.  And we won’t even begin to discuss weekly sales and the problems that price fluctuations can cause.  While there are benefits, there are definite drawbacks.  But the Contract Decorator model has taken over and is now the standard way many PPD’s source decorated sportswear.

But we believe there is a better way.  In this case, a modification of the old way is better.  Boardwalk has developed an extensive Full Service program as a way to help alleviate the problems associated with the Contract Decorator model.  The chief benefits are:

  • Stable Pricing – Prices will not change for 30 Days – or more!
  • One Purchase Order – no need to search for the best price from multiple wholesalers
  • No Cost to you for Damaged or Misprinted Garments

And best of all, all Full Service orders are also eligible for FREE or Reduced Cost Outbound shipping.  The Boardwalk Full Service program will save you money.

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