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Traditional Screen Printing is unrivaled in quality and affordability

Spot Color Printing

Spot Color printing – whether it is a basic 1-color imprint or a more involved 7- or 8-color imprint – is still the best method available to decorate a wide variety of sportswear and apparel. We offer low minimums, fair, aggressive pricing and great service to a limited number of the best distributors in the industry. In addition to standard, spot color printing we also offer Simulated Process and 4-color Process printing for those jobs where we must precisely reproduce a complex, multi-color graphic.

Simulated Process Printing

Simulated Process printing – also referred to as Spot Color Process or Spot Process – is a relatively new variation of the Process Color printing method. Instead of the traditional 4-color Process method which uses only four specific colors to reproduce a design, the Simulated Process method will use as few or as many colors as the artist will allow. And the colors used are not fixed. Any color can be used in a Simulated Process print. Which colors used are first determined by the software used to create the color separations.

4-color Process Printing

CMYK. Process Color. 4-color Process. These are all terms that refer to a subtractive method of printing which partially or entirely masks colors on a lighter (usually white) background. The method reduces the light that otherwise would be reflected from the substrate. Essentially, it is called subtractive because the ink “subtracts” brightness from the white garment.


Yeah. We know. It’s complicated. So what does all that mean?

Aggressive Pricing

Boardwalk is very sensitive to the pricing pressures our distributors are under on a daily basis. We too have felt those same pressures. As a result, we have only raised our contract decorating prices twice since 2001. Yep – that’s almost 20 years running with minimal price increases. Short of actually reducing our already aggressive pricing, we aren’t sure how we can do more to help our distributors compete.


Custom Color Matching

Does your customer need a specific color for his design? We can help. We will custom mix most any color using formulas provided by our ink manufacturers. We mix inks using ink “bases” and “pigments”, utilizing a gram scale that measures to 1/10th of a gram precision. Have you ever seen the paint mixing system at your local Home Depot? You get theidea. Best of all, we do not charge for custom color matching. If you need a color, we will match it.

Low Minimums

The reality is, no one makes any money on small quality orders. You don’t – we don’t. You’ll spend the same amount of time (as will we) working through all the details (design placement, imprint colors, sizes, etc.) for a small 12 piece order as you will for a large 1,000 piece order. So logically you would ask us, “why is Boardwalk willing to produce such small volume orders?” The answer is – because you need us to. If you’re customer needs 6 shirts for a tradeshow, he doesn’t want you telling him he must order 24 pieces because that is your minimum order. He’ll simply take his business somewhere else.

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