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Simulated Process printing – also referred to as Spot Color Process or Spot Process – is a relatively new variation of the Process Color printing method. Instead of the traditional 4-color Process method which uses only four specific colors to reproduce a design, the Simulated Process method will use as few or as many colors as the artist will allow. And the colors used are not fixed. Any color can be used in a Simulated Process print. Which colors used are first determined by the software used to create the color separations.

Simulated Process is only accomplished through the use of specialized software written specifically for the creation of Apparel color separations. The artist using this software must rely upon years of experience to refine the separations and make final adjustments to allow for the best print possible.

4-color Process inks are transparent which is why they must be printed on a white garment. Simulated Process inks are opaque or semi-opaque which means they have a greater ability to be printed on a colored garment and still retain their color vibrancy. The inks used are essentially the same as the inks used for Spot Color printing, hence the name “Spot Color Process.”

If you have interest in having a full color design printed on something other than white shirts, we can help you. We have been printing Simulated Process designs for many years and have the experience needed to make your design look fantastic.

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