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The reality is, no one makes any money on small qualtity orders. You don’t – we don’t. You’ll spend the same amount of time (as will we) working through all the details (design placement, imprint colors, sizes, etc.) for a small 12 piece order as you will for a large 1,000 piece order. So logically you would ask us, “why is Boardwalk willing to produce such small volume orders?” The answer is – because you need us to. If you’re customer needs 6 shirts for a tradeshow, he doesn’t want you telling him he must order 24 or 48 pieces because that is your minimum order. He’ll simply take his business somewhere else.

The major problem with small quantity orders is the need to amortize the screen and art charges over such a small quantity of items. If you have $25.00 – 50.00 – 100.00 in charges that must be spread out over a small 6 piece order, that adds anywhere from $4.00 – 16.00 or more PER GARMENT. For this reason alone, it is always wise to steer clients away from complex, multi-color designs or multiple location designs if they only need a small quatity of items.

For the record, our minimum order is 6 pieces. However, we have done smaller orders. The cost is, of course, higher, but we will serve you and your customer as needed. Boardwalk is above all others in service.

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