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The Quote Magician software pricing system was developed to support Promotional Products Distributors efforts to sell more decorated apparel.  The software contains every catalog item from FIVE major wholesalers and includes all Boardwalk decorating tables.

In seconds you can select any item and price it with up to three decorating locations.  You have total control over the profit that you charge on all components of the price.

Also included is the Fabric Square Sample Set module which supports our outstanding samples.

We have two special programs that work together to save you both time and money – the Full Service program and the Free or Reduced Cost Outbound Shipping program.

And best of all – the software is FREE!!

In apparel decorating, you have to have something that sets you apart from the competition.  Something that tells your clients that you are different.  You are better.  You are Best!  You can talk and talk and talk, and tell them how great you are…or you could show them.

The Fabric Square Sample Set is the most innovative set of samples ever created.  Their purpose is simple – to impress clients and help Promotional Products Distributors stand apart, and stand ABOVE the competition.

With this set of samples in your hands you can show clients why you are their Best source for high quality decorated apparel.


Superior Quality Decorating Services

Standard Spot Color Printing

Simulated Process and 4-color Process

Special Effects Experts

Spot Color printing – whether it is a basic 1-color imprint or a more involved 7- or 8-color imprint – is still the best method available to decorate a wide variety of sportswear and apparel. We offer low minimums, fair, aggressive pricing and great service to a limited number of the best distributors in the industry.

In addition to standard, spot color printing we also offer Simulated Process and 4-color Process printing for those jobs where we must precisely reproduce a complex, multi-color graphic.

Special Effects printing techniques are impressive. When used effectively, they can take an ordinary design and make it extraordinary. Lettering will stand out – and off the shirt – when you use a High Density or a Blister lettering effect. Use Basketball Nubbies to give the tactile feel of the bumps on a basketball. Or use the popular Masking Tape technique and watch as your customers try to peel the “tape” off their shirt.

Monthly Prices Revisions

Prices remain constant on a monthly basis. No wild price fluctuations…only steady, dependable prices.

Place Just One Purchase Order

No need to send a PO to the wholesaler and another to the decorator – one PO to us and your work is done.

No Defective Garments

If we find a defective garment we will not ship it to your client – and we won’t charge you for it either.

We Do the Purchasing

You save yourself the hassle of calling multiple wholesalers trying to chase down the lowest price.

More Than 50 Shirt Styles Available

We offer more than 50 of the most popular styles – those that make up most of your sales.

Never Pay for Inbound Shipping

As a member of the SanMar P.S.S.T. program, our distributors never pay for inbound shipping.

FREE or Reduced Cost Outbound Shipping

All Full Service items are eligible for FREE or Reduced Cost Outbound Shipping!

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