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Embroidery offers the flexibility of low minimums and high perceived value.

We have been producing embroidered garments for nearly 30 years – way before we began to serve the Promotional Products industry. Back then, we produced some great work using a very old single needle machine. It didn’t change colors. It didn’t trim all by itslef. It wasn’t much more than a glorified sewing machine. But it was computerized embroidery!! And it was awesome. Today, we operate the best machinery available – Tajima. And we bring those many years of experience to work for you.

We offer low minimums – just 6 pieces – and great service. Along with our outstanding screen printing and other garment decorating capabilities, we will do all of your embroidery work. We want to be your one stop shop for decorated apparel.


Flat Goods

Jackets, Golf Shirts, Blankets, Sweats, Fleecewear – any flat garment that we can hoop, we can stitch. We use the Robison-Anton line of threads. Robison-Anton makes a superior line of threads with nearly 450 thread colors available, all referenced by PMS numbers.

Cap Embroidery

Embroidery on caps must be completed using designs that are created specifically for hats. Trying to re-use a design intended for flat goods on a cap is sometimes doable, and sometimes, a disaster. We recommend using a digitizer who understands cap embroidery so the design created will stitch properly.

In addition to standard front designs, we also offer full 270 degree embroidery as well as back of cap stitching to meet your customers every need.


The quality of any embroidery design in based on many factors. The garment being stitched, the type of equipment and machinery being used, the quality of the threads, bobbins and backing, and of course, the digitizing. The process of digitizing a design is very complex. Today’s software is much more advanced than in years past, but it still takes years to master the art of embroidery digitizing.

A great digitized design starts with great artwork. There are limitations to what can be accomplished with stitched thread. Many designs have complex elements that can be reproduced on paper and on screen printed sportswear, but are far too detailed or complicated for embroidery. These designs need to be modified before we can begin the digitizing process.

We also must take into account the garment that is to be embroidered. Designs created for hats will not necessarily be usable for stitching an ultra thin mercerized cotton golf shirt. Adjustments will need to be made.

Embroidery – and the digitizing process – is part “Art” and part “Science.” The best embroidereres and digitizers specialize in blending the two for fantastic results.


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