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To understand who Boardwalk Marketing is and what it is we offer to the Promotional Products Industry it helps to understand where we came from.  Started back in 1974 by Larry Mays, we began as a small trophy shop in a tiny, tiny storefront in Erie, PA.  A year later Larry moved into a slightly larger store which just happened to be a few blocks from his parents house, where his younger brother Greg (8th grade) lived.  Greg began working for his big brother all those years ago and still works for the company today.

Like many trophy shops we expanded into other areas to serve our local clients.  We added promotional products (the industry was much, much different back in the 70’s), we added Sporting Goods, and dropped them a few years later, added additional square footage to accommodate screen printing and embroidery services, then added another location for additional production.  In 1989 we began construction on what is our current facility.  In the late 90’s we changed direction and began offering our decorating services to Promotional Products Distributors.

As contract decorators we understand our role in the supply chain.  Our job is to be very efficient at what we do.  Our job is to serve your client as if they were OUR client.  With that mindset we have devised systems and routines that help you serve your client and give them the finest decorated apparel available anywhere.  In addition to our Contract Decorating Services we also offer Fulfillment Services and programs to serve distributors more completely.

To complement our contract decorating services we also offer a Full Service program where we will both source your goods and decorate them, saving you from the time and hassle of calling multiple wholesalers trying to find the best price.  Our full service prices hold steady for three months at a time, saving you from the wild fluctuations of wholesaler “sale” pricing.  All Full Service orders are eligible for Free or Reduced Cost outbound shipping, saving you even more money.

Boardwalk is your source for the Best in Apparel Decorating Services.

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