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In addition to the Contract Decorating Services we offer to the Promotional Products Industry, we also offer a pair of programs designed to help distributors save time and save money, all the while receiving superior service and benefits.  Our Full Service program works in conjunction with our Free or Reduced Cost Outbound Shipping program to offer you multiple benefits and cost savings.

Our Full Service program has been designed around a simple concept – give distributors the advantage of consistent pricing that does not change weekly with the “sales” offered by garment wholesalers.  By offering consistent pricing distributors are free to focus on selling, and not chasing (and sometimes missing) the latest sale offered by a wholesaler.  In addition, we save you additional time by allowing you to place one PO for both the garments and the decorating services.  And you have the added bonus of not being responsible to call the wholesaler when they fail to ship the order properly.  Boardwalk will handle all of those details, freeing you up to sell more.

Working hand-in-hand with our Full Service program is our Free / Reduced Cost Shipping program.  Inbound shipping is always free when we order your goods.  But we also recognized that some distributors still send their decorating orders to their local competition rather than send them to a national decorator like us because they were concerned (rightly so) about the rising cost of shipping.  So we devised a program to help offset or eliminate completely the cost of shipping from us to you or to your client.  Simply put, we are willing to give up some of our profit to help offset the cost of shipping.

Both of these programs are supported by our software tool, The Quote Magician.  Use Quote Magician to quote any of 50+ items we offer and compute the cost to ship the order, all on the same screen.  And all this takes just seconds.  Boardwalk helps save you time and money and makes your selling experience faster and easier!

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