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The reality of Special Effects Decorating Techniques is that they need to be experienced in person, up close, so you can touch them and feel them and see how special they really are.  We recall an experience a few years ago at our local mall.  We were shopping and stopped by the Hickory Farms kiosk to buy a gift.  One of us was wearing a basketball nubbies shirt.  The checkout girl actually reached across the counter to feel the nubbies on our shirt.  True story!  She really thought they were cool and just had to touch them.  Guys, we don’t recommend trying this or you may get a slap upside the head.

Special Effects are most impressive in person.  That’s why we created the Fabric Square Sample Set in the first place.  Pictures simply can’t do these techniques justice.  But we’ve taken some enlarged and closeup photos here for you to see so you can get an idea of just how cool these techniques are.

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