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Pricing sportswear can be a frustrating exercise.  When you check a wholesalers “standard” price on a garment you will see an inflated number.  But everyone knows that they never charge “standard” prices.  Many, many items are “on sale” each and every week.  There are many, many more items whose price will never change during the year.  But the items that constitute the vast majority of screen printed orders – namely T-Shirts – the pricing is ALWAYS changing.

We have conducted long term studies to try to analyze the patterns exhibited by wholesalers when it comes to pricing t-shirts.  We can honestly say, we have no clue what the logic is is behind their pricing.  For weeks or even months at a time, pricing will stay relatively steady.  Then prices will move down – or up – with no perceived cause.  It seems to mimic the logic in gasoline pricing!!

Worse yet, the pricing from your preferred wholesaler (whomever that happens to be) may be higher or lower than the other wholesalers you work with…when you bother to check…this week.  Next week the opposite may be true.  It’s enough to frustrate even the most patient distributor.

At Boardwalk we recognized this reality a very long time ago.  We set about the process of trying to change that reality.  After a great deal of effort, and with the cooperation of a small number of smart, forward thinking people in the wholesale business, we have managed to secure LONG TERM pricing commitments.  By long term we mean month-long commitments to hold pricing steady.

Why is that important?  Simple.  Our price is CONSISTENT.  It does not change weekly.  It is competitive.  It might be lower than the price you are paying from your favorite wholesaler.  It might be the same.  And depending on the specials being run during a particular week, our price might even be higher by a few cents.  We can never know that for sure.  But what we do know is, OUR PRICE IS CONSISTENT!  Week in, week out, month in, month out, our price does not change.  Therefore, you can have CONFIDENCE that the price that we “quote” you (by using this software program) will not change.

So here’s what we suggest.  On those items whose price is always volatile – T-Shirts – use the Boardwalk Full Service price to quote your everyday customers on everyday orders.  Meaning, those orders that are less than, say 500 pieces.  Or those orders where you don’t need to “sharpen your pencil.”  Use our Full Service price.  It won’t change from week to week.  You won’t have to go the wholesalers website each time you have to provide a price to your client.  You don’t have to worry that you will be stuck honoring a price, even though the discounted shirt price you found weeks ago is no longer available to you, now that your client has finally gotten around to placing their order.

Remember – our price is CONSISTENT!  Use our pricing to quote your customer.  Even better, when you order from Boardwalk as a Full Service order you also eligible for discounted OUTBOUND shipping.  What could be better – Consistent pricing and Free or Reduced Price Shipping.

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