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Distributors who would like to enter their own decorating tables into the Quote Magician can purchase an Upgrade to the Free version.  Before you purchase the program we require that everyone download and install the FREE version of the Quote Magician and Boardwalk Tools.  Download the program.  Install the program.  Enter your Product Key and take it for a spin.  Your access to the Free program will be valid for a full year.  At anytime you can purchase a license to the Paid version of the Quote Magician.

We have spent a great deal of time with our beta testers working out the kinks in the program.  Installation on Macs seems to work without much difficulty.  Installation on Windows based PC’s is a bit more problematic.  There are specific steps you MUST follow.  That’s all caps for a reason.  If you don’t install the program correctly it will do wonky things.  So save yourself the headaches and follow the installer information exactly.  If you do it will work without any problems.

And if you want to purchase an upgrade to the program we require that you first download and install the Free version to make sure it functions properly…we cannot provide a refund if the program doesn’t work on your computer.  So before spending your hard earned money on our software program we want to make sure it works in your office on your computer.  And don’t worry.  If you do decide to purchase the program you won’t have to download and reinstall the program again.  All you will need to do is go to our website and make the purchase.  We will send you a new Product Key.  You will need to spend about two minutes entering that new Product Key and you will then have complete access to the full program.  It’s the simplest way we could devise to make all this work in a Filemaker Runtime application.

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