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Do you visit with customers in-person?  Do you give pricing to customers in a face-to-face setting?  If you do you know what a hassle it is to make sure your customer doesn’t see the price list from the wholesaler.  How uncomfortable is it to make sure they can’t see your computer screen where you enter in costs and compute prices?  Is that really the best way?

We have a better way.  Quote Magician has the ability to calculate pricing right in front of the client.  You can even let them see your screen.  How?  With our Customer Safe feature.  With the simple click of a button you can hide all costs and only show the computed selling price right on the screen.

On the normal pricing screens – the screens used in your private office – we show all the important elements needed to compute pricing:

  • Garment Cost
  • Decorating Cost for Each Location
  • Setup Charges Cost
  • Profit Margins for Each Pricing Component
  • Oversize Pricing Method Used

You cannot allow the customer to see those screens.  So we created Customer Safe Screens with multiple viewing options for you to pick from.  Our Customer Safe screens are designed to allow you to select which of these elements you want to expose to customer view.

Customer Safe Screen with List Price

Customer Safe Screen – Without List Price

Customer Safe Screen – With List Price – No Setup Charges

Customer Safe Screen – Without List Price – No Setup Charges

Customer Safe Screen – Without List Price – No Setup Charges – No Profit Margins

One option allows you to show or hide the Garment Cost.  Huh?  Why in the world would you want to show garment cost to the client?  Answer, you wouldn’t.  But many decorators use wholesaler catalogs that include the list price.  So keeping the ability to enter the garment “cost” allows you to actually enter into the Customer Safe pricing screen the List Price shown in your wholesaler catalog and compute a selling price for that item right in front of your client.  To the client it all looks perfectly natural.

Another Customer Safe option is to only show the final price – the price that includes the setup costs – the “out-the-door” price.  Some decorators don’t like to explain to customers the realities of screen charges.  And some customers are resistant to “extra” charges that may confuse them.  Not showing these charges makes the selling easier at times. 

And finally, for those decorators who prefer, you may prevent the client from seeing the various profit margin codes that are shown on some screens.  Some customers are savvy.  You have the option to only reveal to the customer the items you want them to see.

The Quote Magician allows you to work in front of your client just as efficiently as you do sitting at your desk.

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