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Problems occur. We all wish it weren’t so, but they do. It could be that the ink color combination your customer picked really won’t look right. Or the font in their logo won’t embroider properly. We have a great deal of experience at decorating garments. We go out of our way to anticipate potential problems BEFORE they occur.

First, our customer service staff reviews the order. Any “red flags” that go up are addressed immediately. The art staff also looks at each order and attempts to deal with any likely issues well in advance. It is here that most problems are identified and addressed. Finally, the print staff takes one final look at the film separations, ink colors, imprint location, stitchouts, etc. to insure that the order will be produced to the very best of our ability so that your customer is completely satisfied.

It is important to note, however, that despite our best effort, sometimes problems are not identified until we have actually begun producing the order – after the first shirt is printed. When this occurs, we have a judgement call to make. Do we proceed, complete and ship the order? Do we call an All-Stop and possibly delay the shipment (and totally mess up our production schedule in the process)? Neither option is a good one. That’s why we work hard to anticipate problems BEFORE they occur.

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