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There are two key benefits to the Boardwalk Full Service Program:

  • Processing one PO and the benefits that accrue from that arrangement are worthwhile and very attractive.
  • More importantly, only Full Service orders are eligible for the Boardwalk Free or Reduced Price Shipping Program.  The savings in shipping costs could be substantial, depending on the parameters of your order.

More detailed information is available here.

Key points are:

  • There are 50+ styles of shirts available in our Free or Reduced Price Shipping Program.
  • Boardwalk provides a software tool – contained here in this program – called the Shipping Calculator.  All you need to do to determine the cost to ship an order to anywhere in the US is enter a few bits of information – Zip Code, pick a style from the list shown, enter the sizes and the number of imprint colors in the order.  That’s it!  Click the Calculator and in a few short moments your shipping cost is calculated.  Depending on the size of the order and the number of colors we are printing, the shipping cost could be FREE!  Nothing could be simpler.

Remember – only those items ordered from Boardwalk as a Full Service order are eligible for Free or Reduced Cost Shipping!

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