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Our Full Service Program is possible because of the cooperation we have received from our Wholesale Supplier partners.  One of the conditions that we must meet with our suppliers is timely payment (and the time period is short).  Because we do not have wheelbarrows full of cash just laying around in our back room we must require some equally restrictive payment terms from you, the distributor.

Unless other arrangements are made, we must ask that the garment portion of the order be pre-paid with a credit card.

Why, you ask, would you bother with this program?  You already have terms with major wholesalers, right?  And the savings you will enjoy buying from us Full Service may only be a dime (or less).  So why would you prepay when you could instead, pay in terms?  The answer is twofold:

  • Processing one PO and the benefits that accrue from that arrangement are worthwhile and very attractive.
  • More importantly, only Full Service orders are eligible for the Boardwalk Free or Reduced Price Shipping Program.  The savings in shipping costs could be substantial, depending on the parameters of your order.

We understand that some reps are from large distributorships who have their own rules and therefore a prepayment may not be possible.  In those situations, please call our office to discuss the possibility of us extending terms.

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