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Way back in 2004 we stuck our hand up when PPAI asked for presenters for education at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.  Since we had been involved with the industry, both on the distributor side, and then as a screen printer on the supplier side, we had a pretty good feel for the apparel decorating education that was being offered.  We felt we could create educational sessions – in fact full programs – that would help distributors sell more decorated apparel.  Since that time Larry Mays and Boardwalk have become the go-to presenters of premium apparel decorating education.  For many years now we have presented multiple seminars on the subject.

Since that first seminar in 2004 where we literally invented the Fabric Square we have used this awesome tool as a fundamental part of our seminar education.  In addition to the squares included in the Sample Set that can be purchased by distributors, we have created designs and printed dozens of additional fabric squares that are used exclusively for education.  These special Education Squares are created exclusively for use in seminars.  And, as you might imagine, we spend a great deal of time and money in our efforts to educate PPD’s on apparel decorating and How to Sell More High Quality Decorated Apparel.

If you’ve seen us at the show we want to say thank you for attending our seminars.  You may have been one of the lucky participants who was given the opportunity to purchase a sample set at a reduced cost because of PPAI.  If you have attended one of our seminars and found it valuable we encourage you to let PPAI know how much you appreciate our efforts.  We’re quite proud to be one of PPAI’s highest rated presenters.  We were even awarded a “Best of 2017” award for presenting one of the highest rated seminars that year.  If we are given the chance to present again we welcome you to attend and learn how you can become an Apparel Decorating professional.

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