Boardwalk Marketing

Boardwalk Marketing is the only supplier in the industry to offer not one but TWO of the most unique, most useful tools available to Promotional Products Distributors – The Quote Magician software pricing system and The Fabric Square Sample Set.

These selling tools will help you, the salesperson sell more apparel, will make you more efficient and accurate at providing pricing information to clients, and will establish in the minds of your clients that YOU are the BEST at providing them with high quality decorated apparel.

The Quote Magician pricing software was developed for use by Promotional Distributors so they could price decorated apparel orders quickly, accurately and efficiently.  Included in the software system are all of the decorating tables from Boardwalk.  Also included is pricing information from the FIVE major wholesalers in the industry – SanMar, S&S, Heritage, OneStop and Alpha/Broder.  Every price on every item in every catalog is available to you in a few simple clicks.  Best of all, the software is available to you FREE!

When we became contract decorators to the Promotional Products industry many, many years ago we realized very quickly how difficult it was for distributors to compete – especially with direct selling screen printers – and win if they didn’t have the tools needed.  With no way to show clients superior quality decorating services, it all came down to price.  So we developed the very best selling tool available in the industry designed to help PPD’s be BEST at selling the #1 product category – decorated apparel.

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