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Our job is to deliver the best quality decorated apparel to your customers, on time, EVERY time.

We’ve been serving the Promotional Products industry as a supplier for nearly 20 years, delivering the very best in Contract Decorating Services to a limited group of Distributors who want the very best from their “factory.” We offer traditional screen printing – spot color, simulated process and 4-color process. We offer embroidery services using only the best equipment available – Tajima. We are experts in extraordinarily high quality, Special Effects Printing techniques. We offer a wide variety of Heat Applied Graphics for specialized needs and difficult to decorate items. And we offer additional services, such as warehousing and unique packaging and handling when needed to serve your client. Our job is to serve your every apparel decorating need.

Contract Pricing

Registered Users have access to our Comprehensive Pricing Guide

Because we offer so many unique decorating techniques, we have created a Comprehensive Pricing Guide that includes pricing information, plus information related to our Fabric Square Sample Set. Please be sure to Signup or before attempting to download our Price Guide. 

Screen Printing

Traditional Screen Printing is unrivaled in quality and affordability

Spot Color printing – whether it is a basic 1-color imprint or a more involved 7- or 8-color imprint – is still the best method available to decorate a wide variety of sportswear and apparel. We offer low minimums, fair, aggressive pricing and great service to a limited number of the best distributors in the industry. In addition to standard, spot color printing we also offer Simulated Process and 4-color Process printing for those jobs where we must precisely reproduce a complex, multi-color graphic.

Special Effects Printing

High Density, Glitters, Gels, Metallics, Imitation Leather, Blister, Basketball Nubbies, Masking Tape, Baseball Leather, No-Hand Chinos and Glow-in-the-Dark, Puff…WOW!

Special Effects printing techniques are impressive. When used effectively, they can take an ordinary design and make it extraordinary. Lettering will stand out – and off the shirt – when you use a High Density or a Blister lettering effect. Use Basketball Nubbies to give the tactile feel of the bumps on a basketball. Or use the popular Masking Tape technique and watch as your customers try to peel the “tape” off their shirt.

Showing your customers special effects decorating techniques has two main benefits. One is the WOW factor. Another is to separate yourself from your competition. Very few printers can produce these highly technical designs. That means you just eliminated your competition from the game.


Embroidery offers the flexibility of low minimums and high perceived value

We have been producing embroidered garments for more than 30 years – way before we began to serve the Promotional Products industry. Back then, we produced some great work using a very old single needle machine. It didn’t change colors. It didn’t trim all by itself. It wasn’t much more than a glorified sewing machine. But it was computerized embroidery!! And it was awesome. Today, we operate the best machinery available – Tajima. And we bring those many years of experience to work for you.

Heat Applied Graphics

Heat Applied Graphics technology makes it possible to decorate almost anything

Our distributors ask questions, such as, “I need names on the back of my clients sweatshirts – can you do that?” And, “Can you decorate some of these new age, performance fabrics?” Also, “Is it possible to get a multi-color imprint on a small quantity of mesh shorts?” The answer to all of these questions is YES! The solution is to use Heat Applied Graphics technology. Stahls provides a huge array of products to solve all of your unusual decorating requests. We will do the work of applying the graphics to your garments.

Additional Services

Warehousing, Folding, Bagging, Special Handling, and much more…just ask

Do you have an order that needs some special attention? Do you need us to hold your garments and ship them in lots when directed by your customer? Do you need us to individually fold your items? Or put them is special boxes? Just ask. We can do almost anything.

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