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The Quote Magician System Overview video will show you the basics of how each pricing screen functions with a review of the Quick Quote functionality, the Catalog Pricing we have from five major wholesalers, and the My Items section where you have the ability to price stored items that you enter at your negotiated cost.  We show you the features that make the task of pricing easy, efficient and accurate.  We show how you can change all profit margin parameters to control all aspects of your final selling price.  And we do a quick review the decorating tables, the wholesaler interface and Customer Safe mode.

While extensive, this overview only touches on the basics of the system  If you would like to understand the nuts and bolts of any particular feature or function, we encourage you to go to the Support section and take a look at any of the more than 30 videos we have created on all aspects of the system.

Take a deep look at all the features and functions of the Quote Magician – a simple pricing program that is incredibly powerful AND easy to use.

System Overview Video


Promotional Video

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