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“My sample set is the best selling tool I have.  Before I talk to my clients about which shirt to buy, we talk about the decorating.  Everyone can offer the same shirts, but only I can offer the best decorating.”     –  Andrew

“Every time I show a new client my Fabric Square Sample Set they always say the same thing…’these are screen printed???’  And I tell them, ‘yes they are!!’  They are ALWAYS impressed!”     –  David

“Hands down, no question about it.  The best investment I’ve ever made!”     –  Suzanne


The Fabric Square Sample Set is THE most effective tool a Promotional Products Distributor can use to impress clients who may want to buy decorated apparel.  Utilizing Benchmarking techniques distributors establish in the minds of clients that they are the BEST place to buy apparel, and by extension, the likely Best source for ALL their promotional needs.

If you’re interested in working with the Best, and interested in being the Best, then you need the BEST Selling Tool available in the promotional products industry – a Fabric Square Sample Set.

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