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OK. You’ve worked through the design process with your customer. You’ve got all the design specs and you’ve gotten all of the details straight. Basically, all your “i’s” are dotted and your “t’s” are crossed. Now it’s time to send us your order. Today, nearly every order is sent via e-mail. For those that prefer to send a hard copy purchase order, faxes are the preferred method. And we even receive the occasional order via mail service. Whatever your preferred method, send us all of the information and we’ll process and ship your order in the timeframe you’ve specified.Here are a few thoughts on the items we need from you to process your order:


Design Details

Send us the art file(s) via e-mail as an attachment. We can receive most files via e-mail these days. For those occasions when the file is too large to send via e-mail, please call our office for alternate delivery options. Please include all of the Design Detail information either in the body of the e-mail or in a separate, attached document. Failure to provide this information will only delay the order process.


Purchase Order

Here is the meat and potatoes of your order – all the details. You will likely send this document at the same time you send us the Design Details and the art file. If you can’t attach the PO, please fax it to us. And if you don’t produce a formal PO document, please include all of this information in an e-mail. One way or another, we need the order details IN WRITING from you.


Order Your Garments On Time

Don’t forget to order your garments and have them shipped to us as early as possible so we may help you deal with any problems created by the garment supplier.


Where to Send Everything


Boardwalk Marketing
4726 Pittsburgh Avenue
Erie, PA 16509

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