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One of the responsibilities of a contract decorator is to be as “behind the scenes” as possible. If your client discovers our site, we want them to benefit from the information we provide to the public. However, we cannot simply allow them to see our Pricing Guide.


If you are interested in our Pricing Guide you will need to Signup to become one of our distributors.  If you have already registered please .  If you need information immediately, please give us a call.


The Fabric Square Sample Set includes samples of standard Spot Color printing, 4-color and Simulated Process printing, and a wide array of Special Effects Decorating Techniques.  How do you price these techniques?  How much more does special effect printing cost?  These are not simple questions to answer.  We all want simple answers but ink cost, average volume of ink used in a technique, difficulty factors, etc. all play in to the cost structure for special effects decorating.

So we decided that the best way to present our pricing was in the form of a pricing table.  You know, a spreadsheet type layout with quantities across the top and number of imprint colors down the side.  Pretty standard stuff for decorators.  We also chose to present our info in tables because those same tables are built in to The Quote Magician pricing software.

We have created a very detailed Contract Price List.  In truth, it is far more than just a simple price list.  In fact, it’s 65 pages long.  It isn’t simply a page with our printing prices and a second page with all of our addons for sweats or sleeve prints or the occasional special effect like puff ink.  No, this document is better described as a PRICING GUIDE.

Included, of course, is our pricing for all of decorating services.  We offer standard Spot Color printing, Process Printing – both Simulated Process and 4-color Process, and 20 different Special Effects Techniques.  We also have pricing for our Embroidery services and or Heat Applied Graphics services.

Included in the guide are references to the Fabric Squares included in the Fabric Square Sample Set.  These references help tie together our pricing and our other offerings, designed to help you sell more decorated apparel.


And for those who want a slightly smaller price guide we have created a second document that includes just the basics.  Spot Color, Process Color, Embroidery and Heat Applied Graphics are all here.



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