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Pricing software is complicated.  There is a lot going on under the hood to take what is inherently complex and make it simple and easy to use.  And pricing can’t be done incorrectly.  If the calculated price is wrong you either lose the sale or lose profit.  Because of those realities there is an enormous level of trust put in the software being used.  One way to guarantee that people will be suspicious of the numbers is to hide the math.  So the Quote Magician shows you EVERYTHING.  Our pricing screens are designed for salespeople.  The level of control we give to the user allows them to fine tune pricing and win orders.  Everything you need is included right on the screen.

See All the Numbers on One Screen

We show you right on screen the cost and selling price for each component in the price.

The cost published by the wholesaler is entered automatically – you can override the cost shown if the item is on special.

If that item is available in additional colors those options and their associated costs are shown right on the pricing screen.

If the item selected is an oversize item, available in XXL or larger, those items are shown right on the same screen.

You have full control over how the profit on oversize items are calculated – five different options are available.

If you need to increase or decrease your standard screen or setup charges you have total control.

Add in an extra charge or switch to an alternate set of charges and the pricing is calculated for you instantly.

The Quote Magician provides “out-the-door” pricing – the total price shown includes all garment, decorating and setup/screen charges..

We have a Custom Quantity Pricing feature which allows you to properly amortize the setup charges across the actual number of items ordered.

Quote Magician let’s you see the whole picture, all on one screen.

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