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Note – These videos were originally created for the Support site @ – the site created to sell the software to decorators.  As we remake the videos for PPD’s we will replace each one to speak better to the needs of distributors.

We have created short support videos that explain a small piece of the program’s functionality.  These videos are not flashy.  They’re intended to let you learn something about the specific topic listed.  If you want to see an overview of the whole program take a look at the Features tab for the System Overview videos that we created.

Each Topic has videos grouped together that relate to some specific section of the program or some specific functionality.  If you don’t find an answer to your question within one of these videos please send us an email and we will send you a link to the solution or answer directly.

The videos were recorded in 1080p HD resolution. If the video appears fuzzy in your browser it is because you are viewing at a lower than ideal resolution. Click on the Gear Icon at the bottom right and select 1080p. 

We suggest viewing these in Full Screen.To enter Full Screen mode click the rectangle at the bottom right of the video.

Videos Available

Download and Installation

  • Installation Instructions – Mac
  • Unknown Publisher Issues – Mac
  • Installation Instructions – PC
  • Unknown Publisher Issues – PC
  • Remove Read Only Restrictions – PC

Navigating the Application

  • Navigating the Quote Magician Application

Common Interface Functions

  • Custom Quantity Pricing
  • Calculated or Alternate Charges
  • How to Adjust Profit Margins
  • Select a Decorating Table and Number of Imprint Colors
  • What Are Hybrid Decorating Tables
  • Switching between Screen Printing and Embroidery Pages
  • Switch User Mode – Cost to Customer Safe in a Single Click

Quick Quote Pricing Page

  • A Look at the Quick Quote Pricing Page

Catalog Pricing Page

  • A Look at the Catalog Pricing Page
  • Select and Item to Price
  • Easily Switch Between Color Categories
  • Oversize Item Pricing

My Items Pricing Page

  • A Look at the My Items Pricing Page
  • Select an Item to Price


Customer Safe Screens

  • Customer Safe Screen Options
  • Switch User Mode – Cost to Customer Safe in a Single Click

Decorating Tables

  • Review All Decorating Tables


  • Enter / Update Your Product Key
  • How to Customize the Program
  • Review Disclaimers
  • General Settings
  • Profit Margins
  • Customer Safe
  • Printing
  • Pricing Screens

Customize the Program

  • Enter Quantity Breaks
  • Enter Screen Printing Decorating Tables
  • Enter Embroidery Decorating Tables
  • Enter Hybrid Decorating Tables

Program Maintenance

  • Enter or Remove Wholesaler Pricing
  • Update Web Page
  • My Items Maintenance
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