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At Boardwalk Marketing, we have worked very hard to implement systems and processes that will make for an efficient, streamlined and flawless order workflow. When all details are provided to us, we will process your order and have it to your customer on time and done right – EVERY TIME!

To insure a smooth workflow, we ask that you send us the information we need in a timely manner so we can do our job. Design details, complete information on your purchase order and timely ordering of your garments is all needed so that we may serve you properly. Here is some important information about the various components in the ordering process.

Finalize All Design Details

Without a doubt, getting the design details from your customer is the single most important component in your order. First, you have to secure a usable art file that can be sent to us. You need ink or thread color information, design size and design placement specifics so we can produce your order to your customers satisfaction.

Prepare a Purchase Order

Details, details, details. That’s what a well written purchase order is – lots of details. Before we can begin processing your order we must have a written purchase order with all the specifics carefully spelled out. Whether you generate a formal document or send us the order information contained in an e-mail, we need all the details.

Order Your Garments

The job of a contract decorator is different from that of a full service supplier. The task of ordering garments has been taken over by you, the distributor, so that you can secure the best price on your blank garments. Along with that benefit comes the task of placing the actual order and dealing with the problems that sometimes arise when a wholesaler makes a mistake. We wish it didn’t happen, but it does. At Boardwalk, we will do our best to help you solve those problems when they arise. But you have to order your graments in a timely manner. Otherwise, we can’t help.

Send Us Your Order

OK. You’ve worked through the design process with your customer. You’ve got all the design specs and you’ve gotten all of the details straight. Basically, all your “i’s” are dotted and your “t’s” are crossed. Now it’s time to send us your order. Today, nearly every order is sent via e-mail. For those that prefer to send a hard copy purchase order, faxes are the preferred method. And we even receive the occasional order via USPS mail. Whatever your preferred method, send us all of the information and we’ll process and ship your order in the timeframe you’ve specified.

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