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Heat Applied Graphics technology makes it possible to decorate almost anything.

Our distributors ask questions, such as, “I need names on the back of my clients sweatshirts – can you do that?” And, “Can you decorate some of these new age, performance fabrics?” Also, “Is it possible to get a multi-color imprint on a small quantity of mesh shorts?” The answer to all of these questions is YES! The solution is to use Heat Applied Graphics technology. Stahls provides a huge array of products to solve all of your unusual decorating requests. We will do the work of applying the graphics to your garments.

There are a couple of ways we can work together on your Heat Applied Graphics order. One way is, we can do it all for you. Send us your request and we will research the best decorating technique available, order in the items from Stahls and apply them to your garments. We will, of course, add a minimal surcharge to the cost of the Stahls items for our efforts.

Another way is for you to work with Stahls, order in the proper items and have them sent to us. We will apply them for a nominal charge. The advantage for you is cost savings and increased knowledge of what is possible in Heat Applied Graphics.

Either way, we will help you with your unique decorating challenges utilizing Heat Applied Graphics to serve your customers needs.

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