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The Fabric Square Sample Set squares were created to both dazzle and educate clients in what is possible (and in some cases – not possible) using traditional screen printing techniques.  Some squares show art techniques that help make a design look even better.  And a few squares are included to show some of the most elaborate uses of special effects decorating techniques.

For example, the two Erie Otters squares are designed to be used together to explain to clients why an Underprint is necessary for high quality results when printing on dark garments.  Never again will a client question why they have to pay a few cents extra for an Underprint.  All you have to do is show them and they will understand.

When you purchase a Fabric Square Sample Set you will receive a Sample Set Guide (which is currently in the process of being upgraded and improved) which will explain the squares in detail.  We sometimes tell a story.  We sometimes get pretty technical.  And sometime we just the let the technique explain itself.  The guide info is also included in our software system – The Quote Magician.  We also provide an expansive Pricing Guide that gives you full pricing grids for each technique.

Here are the Fabric Squares included in the Sample Set:

The Educational Squares

The Process Printing Squares

The Distressed Squares

The Special Effects Squares – Dimensional

The Special Effects Squares – Gel

The Special Effects Squares – Sports Effects

The Special Effects Squares – Custom Effects

The Special Effects Squares – Metallics

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