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Creating a PC installer is a bit difficult.  The installer we have does most everything needed – as long as you follow the installation instructions.  One thing to keep in mind – Windows and Filemaker-created applications don’t play nice together.  So there are some specific limitations that we must work around.  Specifically, our program CANNOT be located in the Program Files folder.  It can be located anywhere else EXCEPT the one place it is supposed to reside.  Yeah – we can’t make sense of that either.

So the solution we have is to simply relocate all program related files to a folder on your desktop.  Some browsers give you the option to immediately “Run” the installer after downloading.  DO NOT.  Instead, choose the option to SAVE the downloaded zip file – it is normally saved to your Downloads folder.  Unzip the file and move the Installer to your desktop.  Doing this step FIRST makes it easier to keep all of your application related files organized.  If you forget to do this and instead Run the installer, don’t worry.  Our instructions will help you understand where everything belongs.

The actual installer is called “QMinstaller.exe.”  Double click to launch. During the installation process you will be given the opportunity to create a Desktop Shortcut.  This option should be checked by default.  Leave this checked and finish the installation process.  Once finished there should be three items on the desktop:

  • QMinstaller.exe – a file
  • Quote Magician – Keep on Desktop – a folder
  • QuoteMagician – a shortcut.

We suggest moving the QMinstaller.exe file into the “Quote Magician – Keep on Desktop” folder (after you complete the installation).  

Inside the Keep on Desktop folder is the actual Quote Magician application folder, and inside that folder is the application itself along with many other attendant files.  Do not open this folder or change the name or move anything into or out of the folder.  Doing so may render the application useless.  The key to making your life simpler is the Desktop Shortcut created during installation.  Use this shortcut to launch the application each time you want to use it.

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