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Shipping costs are a reality for all orders that are produced outside of your home town.  At Boardwalk we recognized that this is one of the reasons distributors would rather have a local competitor produce their decorated apparel – they want to save the expense of shipping finished goods.

At Boardwalk we suggest that you not help support your local competitor.  To make that a bit more painless we have developed ways to reduce shipping expenses.

Inbound Shipping – The cost to ship goods TO Boardwalk

Incoming shipments for average and larger size orders are Free.  For orders over $200.00, wholesalers like SanMar offer free shipping.  

Outbound Shipping – The cost to ship goods TO YOU or to your customer

Boardwalk has developed an Outbound shipping program that is, to the best of our knowledge, unique in the industry.  We have developed software that will calculate the cost to ship any order anywhere in the country.  Depending on the details – number of shirts, number of imprint locations, number of imprint colors, etc. – the cost to ship your order could be as low as $0.25, $0.15, $0.05 per shirt.  Many orders ship FREE!!  It doesn’t get better than Free.

There are two places where you can use this software to calculate outbound shipping costs.  The first is the separate Shipping Calculator program which can be accessed on the Main Menu.  The second way is to select the Full Service tab in the Quote Magician.  Every Full Service order is eligible for Free or Reduced Cost Shipping.

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Shipping Costs

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