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The installation process for a modern application should be simple and straightforward.  And for the most part, for the Quote Magician, it is.  But we have found that some of our beta testers have made a mess of things when they veered left or zigged right, instead of following the simple easy path we thought was obvious.  So rather than assume everyone will do things exactly right, we have instead created very detailed instructions for you to follow.

There are different instructions for Mac users vs. Windows users.  We have created both a written document and detailed videos for you to follow.  Before giving us a call, take a look at both.  The steps should be simple.

Support Videos

Because we are contract decorator, and not a software developer, we do not have a dedicated software department.  Therefore there is no one here tasked with directly supporting the application.  We had a couple of choices – be like Intuit and other software companies and do our best to hide our phone number to make it impossible for you to reach us, or give you the phone number and hope we don’t receive too many calls.  We decided to provide our contact info, but we’d prefer that you take a look at the Support Videos we have created for you.

We have a rather extensive set of videos that show almost everything you need to now about the features of the program.  Before giving us a call, please refer to the videos to see if the answer you seek is there.  And if you do call we will suggest checking out the videos first to see if you can’t get an answer to your question there.  Or we’ll tell you which video has the answer you need.  And we will continue to add videos to cover all possible topics.  We appreciate your understanding.

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