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Details, details, details. That’s what a well written purchase order is – lots of details. Before we can begin processing your order we must have a written purchase order with all the specifics carefully spelled out. Whether you generate a formal document or send us the order information contained in an e-mail, we need all the details.

Here are the main bits of info that we suggest should be included in EVERY Purchase Order you send to Boardwalk Marketing:


Purchase Order Number

A number that is unique to this order that you can use when referencing the order in e-mails or faxes or phone calls. We’ll include the PO Number on your invoice for your convenience.


Order Reference (Optional)

For each and every order we create an “Order Reference” name. We’ve made this natural way of describing an order a part of our process. We don’t generally refer to orders by their PO Number – we refer to them by the customer name (Bob’s Bar and Grill Jackets) or by some element in the design (Erie Zoo Gorilla Shirts) or by the type of garment being decorated (Waist Aprons for XYZ Company). Something that is easily recognizable. PO Numbers are important for concrete referencing. Order References are helpful as well. If you don’t create one – we will.


Ship To and Bill To Addresses

Orders should have a clear directive on where the order is to be shipped. We don’t want to guess if it should be shipped to you or directly to your customer. Please specify. The Bill To address should also be clearly defined as well.


Date the Order is to be SHIPPED

Whenever you send us an order, please specify the date you want us to SHIP your order. If you’d also like to include an IN-HANDS date as well, that’s very helpful. We will try to confirm that your requested ship date will meet the in-hands date specified using your requested Method of Shipping. If you’re only going to give us one date, it MUST be the SHIP date.


Method of Shipping

Along with the Date to be Shipped, we also request that you clearly specify the Method of Shipping. Our building is located in a business park about 500 yards away from our local UPS terminal. Yeah, we planned it that way!! It makes sending and receiving shipments VERY convenient. We typically (but not always) get our shipments before lunch. And our driver picks up at the end of the day. And when we are running overtime, we have the ability to drop things off at the terminal and still make the outgoing trucks. So for convenience, we use UPS almost exclusively. We use Fedex infrequently. When we do, we typically have to allow an extra day in our process to allow for us to complete your order, then call Fedex and have them schedule a pickup.

We will ship via whatever method you specify. But the method may affect the date the order can actually leave Erie.

Also, please be very specific when stating the Method of Shipping. “UPS Ground” is correct, not just “UPS.” When specifying a rush shipment, again, please be specific. “UPS Next Day Air” is different, and more expensive, than “UPS Next Day Air Saver.”

We do our very best to never ship an order via any method other than Ground shipping. It is simply too expensive. If you specify anything other than Ground, we will need to confirm that method with you. The only time we would need to ship via expeditied service is when we cannot meet a ship date because of an error on the part of a wholesaler or because of a rush request by you. Otherwise, we strive to ship ALL orders via Ground Service.


Shipping Billed to Your Account (Optional)

If you have a UPS or Fedex Number and would like us to bill your account for shipping charges, please specify that in your Purchase Order along with your Shipper Number.


Items to be Decorated

When the UPS man arrives at our door, it is helpful to know WHAT we are supposed to be receiving, how many, what color, what sizes, etc. Without this information it is almost impossible for us to confirm we’ve received the proper items. If you tell tell us to “print whatever they send you,” that’s what we will do. Even if what they sent to us isn’t what you ordered. So please, be specific.


Pricing Information

Whether you discuss with us the order details in advance, before creating your PO, or simply prepare it based on our price list and send it in, we ask that you include what you are expecting to pay for our services. Be sure to include the running charge as well as screen, digitizing, art, and any other charges you may incur. If you don’t include this info, you may be surprised when you receive our invoice to find a charge that you did not anticipate. Don’t worry – we don’t have any hidden charges. But there are times where you quote a customer but forget the screen charges.

One charge we cannot quote definitively in advance is Shipping Charges. Shipping is based on weight, number of boxes, destination, etc. We generally don’t know these details until the order is complete. The wholesaler may send the order to us in 5 boxes. However, we may be more efficient at packing the order for final shipment resulting in only four boxes being shipped. This may reduce your shipping costs, it may not. We won’t know until we process your shipment.


Your Contact Information – Including E-mail Address

In addition to your Company Name, please include a Contact Name, Phone Number, and most importantly, an E-mail Address where we can send our Art Approval information.

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