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Using a contract decorator affords a Promotional Products Distributor many advantages. One of the disadvantages, however, is the reality that, on occasion, a garment will be damaged during the decorating process. Boardwalk has a very low spoilage rate allowance (2% on imprinted t-shirts, for example). In reality, we have tracked our spoilage rate over the last five years on imprinted t-shirts and we have consistently achieved a rate closer to 0.25%. Nearly all orders are shipped with no spoilage at all. And most spoiled garments are the result of manufacturing defects, not misprints.

There are occasions when your customer must have exact quantities. This can present a problem if something goes wrong in the printing or embroidey process. We cannot set up a press to print one or two shirts that were misprinted, or worse, because a hole was discovered in a shirt after it was printed. The simple reality is, once an order is completed, it cannot be reset without incurring a charge. So, for those customers who REQUIRE an exact quantity, we recommend ordering extra shirts. Please note on your PO that you ordered extras and that they are to be used only if there is a misprint. We will return the blanks to you once the order is produced.

We understand how frustrating it is when an order arrives incomplete because a garment is damaged during production. We do everything possible to prevent spoilage. It’s just another way we serve you, our distributor.

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