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Boardwalk is very sensitive to the pricing pressures our distributors are under on a daily basis. We too have felt those same pressures. As a result, we have only raised our contract decorating prices twice since 2001. Yep – that’s almost 20 years running with minimal price increases. Short of actually reducing our already aggressive pricing, we aren’t sure how we can do more to help our distributors compete

For our Preferred Distributors, we do go out of our way to “work together” to land great orders. On a small 50 – 100 – 200 piece order, there isn’t a whole lot we can do to assist, short of cutting our price and losing money on the order. But when those opportunities arise for a large volume order, or when the opportunity to land a large client that will turn in to additional orders in the future, we go out of our way to work with our distributors. We may have to drop our price a little. You will likely need to shave a few percentage points off your typical margin. But in the end, we can “work together” to land those better orders.

Published Price Lists

One of the responsibilities of a contract decorator is to be as “behind the scenes” as possible. If your client discovers our site, we want them to benefit from the information we provide to the public. However, we cannot simply allow them to see our Contract Price List. It still amazes us how many Contract Decorators in the industry publish their net price list – some right on their home page.  Not us.

If you are interested in our Contract Pricing you will need to register to become one of our distributors.  If you need information immediately, please give us a call.

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